Tuesday, September 15, 2009


We are now at DLI. I haven't written for such a long time. Things are going good. Monterey is pretty nice. It is starting to grow on me. But the best part is that I am with my family. It means more than anything. Ian is a crack up. He is growing too fast. He is a handful though, and unfortunately for Mer, she deals with him and the house all day while I am at school. I do try to do a little when I get home! But she is always none stop even when I do get home. We miss all of you guys so much, that is the hardest part for us. We hope all is well.


Beth Davis said...

We miss you guys!!! Hopefully we'll be able to see you soon. Happy Birthday today Lane:-)
PS- can you believe how fast our little guys are growing?!? Ian is so darn cute!!

Susan said...

Gees, if Lane is to busy, why don't you (Meredith) do this.